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A DID number is a telephone number without a directly-associated phone line. Usually these numbers are programmed to be forwards incoming calls to one of the pre-set telephone numbers chosen by the client, fixed, mobile or voice over IP. DID Number is also called DID Number / DDI Number /Online Number .
Virtual Private Branch Exchange VPBX Definition. Virtual PBX is a privately held communications service provider that claims to have invented the type of private branch exchange technology called a virtual PBX. We also provide free Fully hosted PBX with all numbers in form DIDnPBX on our other platform
The advent of Virtual Numbers (DID) services provides people with access to local telephone numbers in most countries on a worldwide basis. These numbers are then forwarded by companies such as BuyDIDNumber to PSTN (Plain Old Telephone System), VoIP or VoIM devices anywhere in the world. Essentially, this means that: 1. International and long distance telephone calls are made with the caller only paying local call rates. For example, your family lives in Paris, France but you live in NY, USA. You would like your family to be able to call you, but the long distance rates from France are very costly. If you purchase a Paris DID, anyone dialing that local number in Paris would connect to your phone in NY, but they would pay only local phone number rates. 2. You are able to add telephone numbers to your phone line so that you are no longer restricted to one telephone number per line. For example, you live in NY, USA but you have family in Paris, London and Beijing. You if you purchase DID numbers in Paris, London and Beijing, then anyone dialing those local numbers would connect to your phone in NY, USA. 3. Conventional telephone calls may be terminated at non-PSTN devices if desired, for example VoIP, or GTalk. This has particular relevance for VoIP communications, as it allows people connected to the traditional PSTN network to call people connected to VoIP networks. Moreover these basic functions of DID numbers, there are many additional uses for local numbers. For example, consider the issue of privacy. If users place classified advertisements in a newspaper and they wish prospective buyers to contact them without publishing their own, private telephone number, a temporary local number could be provided by the newspaper.
A SIP phone is a special VoIP phone that provides the traditional call functions of a telephone, such as dial, answer, reject, hold/unhold, and call transfer. SIP phones may be implemented as a hardware device (adapter to your regular phone) or as a softphone. An IP phone uses Voice over IP technologies allowing telephone calls to be made over an IP network such as the internet instead of the·ordinary·PSTN system.
This function allows you to receive calls to your DID numbers on regular land line or mobile phones. No internet, PC or VoIP services are required. Remember that in this case you pay a per-minute forwarding charges as well.
Yes! Whether you are working from your home office or on the road, we are able to send calls to you wherever you are.
We offer the service in more then 70 countries. See the full list of our DID Number coverage.
We are an established organization We offer very competitive prices. We offer some of the fastest support reply times in the industry, and we do so 7 days per week. Other companies may not be available to assist you over the weekend should you need assistance. Our service is very easy to use!
You may purchase services for a period of 1, 3, 6, 12 or 24 months. In addition, there is an "auto-renew" option that facilitates the automatically renewal of the selected service. You will be sent an email prior to the expiry of a·DID Number·subscription period or when automatic renewals have been performed
Call Forwarding Service has different rates for different countries' phone numbers. Furthermore, the rates vary on the DID number that you choose. Please visit our rates for complete rate plans.
The setup fee paid only once when you purchase the DID number.
Yes. The phone numbers services that BuyDIDNumber offers and are assigned to your account are unique and does not require your callers to enter an extension number. It is your dedicated and private phone number for your use and distribution. DID Number will help you to:save money, increase you're business ,save on roaming and protect your privacy.
Simply contact us by logging in to your account and create a ticket , in my " My Tickets " section.
Yes you can.You need to create Free SIP account on Linphone using link here.Once you have created a username, simply Login into your account on our website, Click on "My Numbers", Click on "Details" in front of number you wish to change forwarding. Click on "Change forwarding "and select "Linphone".Enter your username of Linphone in "Details" Box. Click on "Update", number will start to forward calls to Linphone .You will be able to answer calls on Linphone PC or Linphone Mobile Apps
Kindly Note call forwarding will only work to GTALK and NOT Google Hangout. If you want·to use Gtalk,·you should add [email protected] user to·your contact list ( It can take upto 8 Working hours for Friend request to be approved ) and it·must show online.As, google Talk no more works, you will need to use third party App like Talkonaut and you can login with your Google Email id and password by selecting Gtalk option in same. Also, you will need to "Turn On" access to Third party Apps ( google will say less secure Apps ) "did2gtalk" request is accepted in your friend list ( can take upto 8 hours ), same will appear as " online" in your "Gtalk" account and you will start to receive calls on Talkonaut. If it takes longer, you can contact us with your Gtalk id.Highly Recommended : Since Gtalk direct App has stopped working, we highly recommend you to use alternative ( or you can also shift later ) Alternatively if you wish to answer calls on PC /Mobile apps /SIP devices you can create Free account on and Download there PC Dialer from hereSimply login on our website, click on "My Numbers" >> "Details" >> "Change Forwarding" >> "Pre Configured VOIP Providers" >> Select "Sip2Sip", in Details enter your login id created on sip2sip without Click Update.You will also be able to answer calls on Mobile phone by using dialers like csipsimple / Linphone and configuring same with Sip settings
Calls are connected very quickly. The caller will hear normal call processing as with any other call they may make.
Yes, we do not sell or rent your personal information. See our privacy policy for full details.
We offer Caller-ID recognition only for calls within the country. However, Caller-ID can also be recognized for international calls, it depends on many factors which influence the Caller-ID, as: the carrier from which the call was made, the terminator of the number, etc. The·Virtual Number is forwarded with Caller-ID from our carrier exactly how we get it and therefore·VirtualNumberHub cannot control the Caller-ID for international calls. For Skype mapping, currently the called party will be seen as called from skype
Yes, it is possible. Just note, that you may be asked to purchase additional channels and assign them to your DID used for callback service.
We support porting in. If you are interested in porting your numbers to us via contact form .
Porting of DID numbers away from us is supported. Please note that this facility is not available in all countries.Port out Charge will be equal to one month Rental or $ 3, which ever is higher.
General SIP information SIP addresses We Originate calls to customers from the following SIP endpoints: Location IPv4 address IPv6 address New York 2a01:ad00:1:14::14 Frankfurt 2a01:ad00:2:14::14 Los Angeles 2a01:ad00:4:14::14 Miami 2a01:ad00:5:14::14 Singapore 2a01:ad00:6:14::14 Hong Kong 2a01:ad00:7:14::14 Amsterdam 2a01:ad00:8:14::14 These IP addresses correspond to our routing cluster exit nodes. For UDP transport we send signaling from port 5060. For TCP and TLS we originate connections from port range 5070-65535 RTP addresses Our system sends RTP packets from the following subnets: • • • 2a01:ad00:1:2::/64 • 2a01:ad00:1:14:1::/64 • 2a01:ad00:2:1::/64 • 2a01:ad00:2:14:1::/64 • 2a01:ad00:4::/64 • 2a01:ad00:4:14:1::/64 • 2a01:ad00:5::/64 • 2a01:ad00:5:14:1::/64 • 2a01:ad00:6::/64 • 2a01:ad00:6:14:1::/64 • 2a01:ad00:7:1::/64 • 2a01:ad00:7:14:1::/64 • 2a01:ad00:8:1::/64 • 2a01:ad00:8:14:1::/64 with RTP port-range: 1024-65535 RTCP We transmit and receive RTCP packets from port = rtp_port + 1 (as recommended in RFC3550). Additionally, we are able to receive RTCP packets on the same port as RTP, considering utilizing RTCP conflicts avoidance payloads (payload types 72-76). SIP OPTIONS We are responding on SIP OPTIONS while sending requests to signaling IPs. It will respond on UDP 5060, TCP 5060 and TLS 5061 ports. Please note that SIP OPTIONS responses are not related to call processing. Encryption Our systems supports TLS as a secure transport for SIP signaling and SRTP as a media encryption mechanism. All three SRTP key negotiation mechanisms are supported - SDES, DTLS and ZRTP. Warning The SRTP media encryption and TLS SIP transport are disabled by default. Please contact our supportteam to allow traffic encryption for your account. Supported codecs • G.711 A-law/U-law • G.729 • G.723.1 • L16 • G.726-16/G.726-40/G.726-32/G.726-24 • G.721 • GSM • Speex DTMF transport methods DTMF signaling is supported as follows: • Telephone-event RFC2833 • SIP INFO draft-kaplan-dispatch-info-dtmf-package-00 o application/dtmf-relay o application/dtmf By default RFC 2833 enabled
All numbers are automatically assigned to the customer's account by our system. Therefore, it is not possible for customers to choose their local numbers.
The payment is done via·Visa, MasterCard , American Express, PayPal.
All DIDs are provided with Two dedicated (non-shared) channels. Additional channels may be purchased as required, depending on the country in which the local telephone number has been procured. For requests regarding additional channel, please contact us. Toll-free numbers provided with 300 dedicated channels and Channels on Toll Free Numbers Can be increased for Free to any number for Free upon request.

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